The First Big Post

Hello Blogging Friends! (although I don’t have any yet)

This is my brand new blog. I have blogged in the past, but I had to keep it very professional considering all of the people that had my web link. However, no one I know has this link, strictly meant to relate and make friends over the internet (how creepy does that sound?).

I won’t take the time to tell you about myself because my awkward little blurb is in the about me section. But I do want to write about something that is happening to me tomorrow…..

My mom, dad and I are participating in a weight-loss challenge starting tomorrow morning when we’ll all get “buck naked” as my mom likes to call it, get on the scale and see the dreaded number. If that wasn’t bad enough, we each are putting money into the weight-loss competition jar. I’m putting $100 and my parents are putting $200 each. We all have goals that we made together so that it was “fair” depending on what our BMI’s are. It is 6 weeks long and we weigh in every 2 weeks. So for instance, my goal is to lose 4 pounds every two weeks. My dad’s is 4 the first 2 weeks and then 2 for the next and 2 for the last. My mom’s is to lose 1.5 every two weeks. If you make your goal for the two weeks you get to take money out, if you don’t you put money in. Simple as that, (whatever). So I’m psyching myself out for that because for a broke college kid that’s a ton of money to lose!!

At my internship that I work at we get to pick our food everyday, but what is going to really annoy me is making the right choices for lunch. It’s so much easier if those were the only options-healthy or healthy. It’s so much harder when there’s the option of the fries or the salad. Ya know what I mean? Besides, I need to eat healthy all together as a lifestyle change. I’ve worked fast food and unhealthy foods into my life and so now I need to work them back out. I’m getting pretty sleepy and need to be up by 7:30 so I’m going to hit the hay for tonight, but I’ll have updates on the “first day” for you tomorrow!

Sweet Dreams,

The girl who’s about to be healthy schmealthy


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