Hello everyone!

As you can see from my last post I had a great night. I’m actually surprised I spelled everything correctly (or just thank God for auto-correct). I still have helmet hair from wearing the Packers helmet from being the “asshole”. Tough times.

So my car was in the shop yesterday because I needed a new converter thing, because my car was being louder than it was suppose to be (I am clearly very educated when it comes to automobiles). This meant that my mother had to drop me off at the internship- literally felt like I was 10 again as she grabbed me and gave me a big smooch and the CEO opened the door. GREAT TIMING MOM!

This also meant that my mom would be picking me up and it so happened to be the day I was going to the pedal pub crawl. So my parents agreed to take me to O’Lydia’s right after work. So I told them that we needed to leave RIGHT AFTER WORK because we were suppose to be there by 5:30. I get a text at 4:50. “We won’t be there until 5:20. Meeting is running late” I cursed my car and all of the things that were wrong with it.

Long story short it all ended up fine and I was at O’Lydia’s at 5:56—4 minutes before the pedal contraption left. It ended up being a blast!! However, it was hard for me to pedal because 1. I’m 5’3″ so I could barely reach the pedals and 2. Because I went on that 8 mile bike ride the day before and my ass was S-O-R-E. Nonetheless I had a blast stopping at different bars and getting free drinks and great deals. I would really recommend it.

Since I was out of a car and couldn’t drive anyway because of how inebriated I was, my best friend Christina came and picked me up. We ended up going to McDonald’s and getting cups so we could put our Summer Shandy’s in them for the baseball game (you can judge me). I had never met any of the guys on the team but she needed a wing girl because her crush was playing! I had no problems with that at all and it ended up being really fun! Afterwards we went to his house with two of his roommates and just hung out. I really liked how there apartment was decorated. It had packer stuff everywhere and a nice display of all kinds of bottles of beer on the wall. I took notes for Christina and my apartment.

The time came where we started to play Asshole and things were going fine until the 2nd game happened and my billionth drink happened. Before I knew it we were 5 games down and I was the wearing the Packers helmet for the 4th time, unable to get out of my asshole ways. I finally took a break and went into the kitchen and crossed paths with their black cat. Now, for the whole night I had been calling it the wrong name…(I was calling it Chevy when it’s name is Chiva or something weird). So just Chevy and me in the kitchen, all by our lonesomes… She jumped on her little tree house so I thought that meant she wanted to be pet. So I leaned forward, put my animal voice on and said “Hi little Chevy, you don’t care if I call you Chevy.” And I kid you not, that cat took it’s paw and smacked me on the face right on the cheek. It was as if she was saying “Bitch, I do care, my name is Chiva.” I literally fell over laughing because the amount of communication that just went on was hilarious. After that we became friends, now that the lines had been drawn and I knew the correct name. HA!

We stayed until 12:30 and I made sure to give a proper goodbye to Chiva. When I got home I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep immediately. Waking up was a struggle fest.

Yesterday was fine, my car is back in action-the beautiful black 2002 camry, my baby. I went to Christina’s house for dinner (love that family) and we made a list of all the things we still need for our apartment so we can find some of it before we move in. Solid day.

I’ll be writing later, thanks again for following and reading about my weird life.


The cat whisperer


7 thoughts on “Pedals

  1. This sounds AWESOME. I have to try a pedal pub crawl now. That would certainly be a sight in my city! Haha I’m glad your car is fixed as well! I’m not too car-savvy myself. I’m just call my dad and I’m like “Uhhhhhhhh, is a car supposed to make a weird ticking noise?” “..No? Okay, I’ll turn the music up reaally loud while I drive so I can’t hear it then. Awesome, bye!” Literally had that conversation one day! Haha glad you had a good night! Drunk blogging is the best :]

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