Can I get a TGIF up in this blog space??

Not that I’m doing anything crazy this weekend, but it feels good to come home and do nothing. Today was a pretty good day except for the fact that I’m the intern. And interns don’t have any networks or friends in an office so interns don’t get asked to go out to lunch on friday’s. I’m not bitter…….

So since food doesn’t get delivered on Friday’s and everyone in the office made plans but me and a few other girls in the HR area who brought their own lunches, I went home for about 40 mins and made myself a salad and hung out with my dogs. I even watched a little bit of one of the last Office show where Dwight gets his black belt. Then went back to work and was an all-star intern so maybe I’ll get a date for lunch next friday (the que for someone to start playing the world’s smallest violin.)

But here I am now, in my fat suit (Packers sweatshirt and big yoga pants) about to make veggies pizzas with my fam and watch Batman: The Dark Knight. And you know what? First time I ever used red box!! Holy crap, that thing is pretty fricken sweet!! Only 1.50 for getting a movie. —it’s the little things folks..

Otherwise nothing crazy happened today worth writing about other than I was at a red light and I checked my mirror and I noticed this woman behind me just smiling at me. She had to be about 50 years old in a white mini van (no there was no free candy sign). I glanced once and then did a quadruple take because she just sat there smiling at me. Once to make sure she was really looking at me, twice to get a better to see if I knew her, three to realize I didn’t, and then four because I just couldn’t stop. As I went through all of these looks, I eventually just started to stare. And she continued to stare back and smile as we continued to wait at the world’s longest red light. And so I decided to smile back, and she just broke out into an even bigger smile and gave me a wave. It was as if the whole time she wanted to get a smile out of me just to say hello. I know it sounds creepy and weird and a pointless story, but I actually thought it was kind of cool because her happiness was shared with me, so I was willing to now do the same with others. Well, maybe not creepily smile at people behind their cars, but at least share the genuine optimism to other people. Just reminds me that little things matter and to pay it forward(great movie by the way).

I’m going to go for now and don’t know if I will be able to write tomorrow because I work at Cousins from 11-cl because they had an emergency and needed someone ASAP so I decided to go back just this once. BUT NEVER AGAIN (I say that every time).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

The girl with the lazy pants


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