Probably Should Have Slapped Him…

I don’t have time to write much because I need to get to bed, but I do want to quick write something that really pissed me off tonight while working. Sure there’s customers that really can get under your skin by asking annoying questions like “what comes on the Parmesan Garlic bread?” —(hmmm i dunno, cinnamon?!) or pesters you while you’re making the sub ( just one more black olive on there please.). But what happened tonight with a customer really upset me. A little kid and husband and wife came in and ordered. They got subs, soups and drinks. When the order was finished I walked it out and the wife was half way to me and wanted to take the tray from me. I gave it to her and as I walked back into the kitchen I hear a huge crash. After I ran back out I saw that she had slipped and dropped the whole tray of food. It looked as if she was going to cry, and I immediately said, “it’s okay, don’t clean up, I can do it. I’ll get you some new food right away.” As I started to clean up the husband turns to her and says, ” you know what? You’re such a fucking dumbass, you know that?” He was serious. Not only did he just demean his wife in front of me, in public, but in front of his kid. I was livid. So I didn’t say anything inappropriate like “do one, you prick!” I turned to the wife and said, “honestly, it’s okay, it was just an accident and accidents happen, I’ll take care of everything for you.” The husband then replied, “it wasn’t an accident, she did it on purpose.” I’d like to tell you that he was goofing around with her…but he wasn’t. The way he said it was so rude and nasty I needed to walk away. I literally wanted to punch him. After we re made the food, and I regained my composure, I went out and set the food down on their table and the husband says “now look the sweet girl in her eyes and tell her you’re sorry for what you did.” I legitimately could not believe my ears. I was silently begging her to turn to him and say “fuck off” but she obeyed. Looked me in my eyes and said sorry. I was so disgusted with him. I again looked only at her and told her it was fine and mistakes happen and no one should overreact about an accident.

Are you kidding me?! I just thought it was appalling how he treated his wife and how she fully took it on. I almost feel guilty for not saying something more…. But had to keep it professional at work.

I don’t know, but I can tell you one thing. No man is EVER going to treat me that way, you can count on that baby.


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