Bad Karma

I know I haven’t written in a while but basically my life has consisted of moving into my new apartment back in MN. And going to Cousins then to bartend at state fair. I crash when I get home and don’t have time to write. However right now I am on my lunch break at work so I thought I’d catch up on my blogging.

I don’t like being negative but I’m about to vent about what happened the other day.

Now, I am Christian but I still believe in Karma, and boy I must have done something really bad to deserve the horrible day I had. I usually never have horrible days so maybe it was just that time.

It all started at the internship where I was having a field experience with a guy in the marketing department. He’s a few years older than me and we basically spent 6 hours together traveling to different locations that are 1.5 hours away and what not. I just couldn’t tell if I liked him. One minute I would, and he’d be really funny, but then the next second I’d think, “Dude I can barely fit in this car because your ego is taking up all the room.” So that was a very interesting day and quite tiring after a while. I told him that I NEEDED to be back before 5 so I could make it down to state fair and what time did we get back at? 5:15, and I still needed to change! I work at 6 and the drive with traffic is at least 45 mins… tell me how that’s going to go.

So I was running really late with the Milwaukee traffic and I FINALLY got down there. I usually take the bus from the park and ride but I wouldn’t have time. SO I parked at the Walgreens down the road and ran in. (Also got ID’d for being under 18 to be let into the fair which made me LOL)

Work was really slow and tips were pretty much non-existent so that was another bummer. But that doesn’t compare to what happened next. I got off around 10:35 and started walking to the Walgreens only to notice that my car was no longer there. I literally walked back from the beginning block and back again to see if it would magically show up but it didn’t. I saw a cop driving around the Walgreens so I yelled out OFFICER! And he stopped looking completely unenthusiastic about me stopping his little merry go round. Do you ever approach cops and try to ask for help and they act like it’s an inconvenience? Yeah, I don’t understand it either. Anyway, I told him I thought my car had been towed. I explained where it was parked and what it looked like and sure enough it was at the local tow shop, waiting for me. The Dialogue:

Officer: “Yeah, your car was towed because you can’t park here. This is private property, but you better call the tow place and see if they are still open because if they aren’t your parents will have to come and pick you up.”

Me: “Awesome.”

I called them and they were open…..

Me:”So where are they located?”

Officer: “It’s literally just down this road a couple blocks then take a left on national and then another left…….” I stopped listening because I already was lost.

Me:” So I’m just suppose to walk there right now since I clearly don’t have a car?”

Officer:”Yeah it’s not that far at all.”

I literally put on my most charming smile in the whole world and said, “but Officer, is that really safe?”

He paused and just stared out of the front window and I waited thinking, yeah, you better drive me. There’s no way I’m walking this late at night in this neighborhood.

He turned and smirked and said “get in the back”.

I said thank you about 10 times and then said “Hey Officer! This is my first time in the back of a police car! I never realized how uncomfortable it is!”

He legitimately turned around and said, “Watch out Milwaukee County we have a badass over here. And what’d you expect? A Four Seasons back there?” And I just lost it because this day had just been so ridiculous so the only thing left to do was laugh. As we were driving he made it very clear that he was not the one that towed my car, so not to be upset with him which I thought was pretty funny because usually cops don’t give a shit about anything.

He dropped me off at the tow place and I gave him a hug, no lie friends, an awkward side hug. Because he really didn’t need to take me there and I was grateful he ended up being so nice. I walked inside the tow place and low and behold two Rottweilers greeted me–intimidating much?! Is this a tow house or a drug house?! The tow people (there were about 6) were loud and actually hilarious. Long story short I told them what happened and said it sucked but it was okay because they were just doing their job. They all laughed and the girl was like, “You’re the first person ever to say ‘it’s okay’ after we’ve towed a car.” And I laughed because I guess that is pretty funny to say after your car has been towed. We started talking about drunk people and how I witnessed a very drunk girl demand to say a personal goodnight to each sheep. They thought that was funny too, and guess what, the owner liked me so much he took off $75 dollars.

“It sounds like you work hard and have a great attitude so today I’m only charging you for the tow, none of those other fees.” So $125 instead of 200. I said thank you 10 times more than what I said to the police officer and walked around with one of the guys to get my car. Before I left he opened the door for me and said “Oh yeah, and this ticket was on your car from the police (50.00 for trespass parking). And you should really come back sometime.” I basically yelled, “I hope I never have to come here because that mean my car was towed!!”

“No, not like that. Just to hang out.”

“Yeah! Maybe I’ll bring you all some cookies or something for helping me out.”

And I awkwardly started driving away……

And then on the way home I cried because I really can’t afford all of this bogusness and the day had just really sucked. When I got home my mom was waiting up for me so she could give me a hug and I could just yell “today fucking sucked!!” Sometimes that’s all you need.

I swear to you that my life is far from boring, and tomorrow it will get better.


On a side note I had my weigh in and lost 4.5 pounds! Yay!

Catch you guys later, back to work for me.


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