Weightloss Challenge FAIL

My dad was out of town on a harley ride + my mom and I had a girl’s weekend= No one made their weight….

Well the only thing I can say is at least we’re all in it together. I need some inspiration for healthy eating because I’m really off track! Help!!


3 thoughts on “Weightloss Challenge FAIL

  1. Getting off track seems to be a theme lately! I’ve read tonnes of blog post saying the same thing! :/ I always get to around 4pm and then I cave and eat allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the cookies I said no to earlier in the day. Bad, bad, bad. Tomorrow is a new day though! I hope you get back on track :]
    ..Just for a record, a girls weekend is totally worth it :]

    • 🙂 haha you’re the best!! Im really mad at myself because I’ve gained like 10 pounds this summer and I’m debating whether to make a health blog or not. I just really want to get to my goal weight! I hope all is well with you lovely 🙂

      • Haha I’m mad at myself too! I keep swinging between my ‘high weight’ and my ‘low weight’ I JUST WANT TO FIND SOME STABILITY SOMEWHERE. It’s so frustrating! Haha. It’s a good idea! I’ve tried a health blog before but I just got bored and deleted it haha you might be a bit more successful though :] It is! Right back at ya petal :]

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