Missing Girl, Found!

August 27 was my last blog post?! Oh dear me that is sad! But rest assured that I am no longer missing but alive and well in Minnesota. I had my first week of school, so I was getting settled in and on track! I’ll give you some pics to give you the jist of what you missed:

-I said goodbye to my internship, and they offered me a position after graduation!

-I went back to the office to help out at Harley Fest.


(my Uncle and Dad’s bikes)

-I packed my car full and my parents were not very pleased. (yes, I still have a huge teddy bear)



-I moved into my first off campus apartment!



-I was reunited with friends.


-I got to play with new kittens!


-I lost 2 pounds.

-I started taking my operations management, finance, and business law classes.

-I got to get dressed up for a night on the town with my family.


Basically what you missed!! I will try to write something every day from now on, promise!



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