Not Motivated

This summer I was basically overworked, not by any boss, but by myself.  I kept myself constantly busy and was motivated to do so many things all at once.  My friends and family even at times would say that I needed to give myself a break and for some reason I just couldn’t.  But now I’m back at school and I feel completely unmotivated in every aspect of my life and I need to get back on track.  I just have been doing whatever I’ve wanted with no discipline whatsoever and so I’m getting my shit together.  Enough of being lazy and laying in bed until 11am.  Time is so much more valuable than that, and I can’t even express in words how annoyed I am with myself.  I’m buckling back down and living my life to the fullest while making my priorities matter.

This weekend my parents are coming up to visit for “family weekend” so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories about that.  I’ll write tomorrow !


2 thoughts on “Not Motivated

  1. I’m having the same feeling as you! I think I’m just a little burned out and I’M NOT ALLOWED because I still have five weeks of university left! NO. My eating, however, has been AWESOME. Hopefully everything falls into place for you soon :] Have a good family weekend!

  2. Aghhhh Kendel!! I feel the same!! My eating was going super amazing until last week….just all turned to shit, dangit. So I’m starting everything fresh on wednesday. Just with school, eating, my emotions, everything! But awesome job on the eating!!! have any good recipes or advice ?! and ps. loved the vlog 🙂

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