Women and Ex-Boyfriends


Why do we do it ladies?

Why do we talk to our ex-boyfriends?

Maybe it was you reaching out to them to see if they’re the same or how they’ve been.  Maybe it was them coming to you saying they missed you.  And for a split second I bet you thought, it won’t hurt.  It won’t matter talking to them this one time.  You like the mystery of not knowing where it will go, the exhilarating feeling of not knowing where the conversation will take you.  The thought of re-kindling could have even briefly crossed your mind.  But deep deep down we all know that it’s a recipe for disaster.

You start talking and one of two things happens.

1. You develop a spark and continue to pursue it until one of you starts to remember the reason you broke up and old wounds are re-opened and it ends worse than the first time.

2. You realize how over it really is and how all feelings are dead because wow, he is an idiot.

Now I’m not saying that talking to every single ex you have will end this way or produce these results, because sometimes it can lead to a content place, even provide the closure you never had.  But from my own experience, the majority never ends well with most ex’s and I can’t help but feel that I have a lot of lady-friends that can agree with me.

My business law professor once said, “Nothing good happens after 2am.  If it’s past 2am and you’re up, just go straight to bed.”  I find a correlation with what we need to remember about ex-boyfriends, girls.  Nothing good is going to happen trying to re-kindle a past relationship (especially if it ended up badly), so let it go.  No matter how curious you are, no matter what feelings are being brought back, save yourself the pain and the time.  Walk away.  Delete the text. Go to bed.


3 thoughts on “Women and Ex-Boyfriends

  1. I can honestly say that I’m friends or at the verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry least acquaintances with all of my ex-boyfriends. Admittingly, our break ups weren’t very bad. There were a couple of ‘broken hearts’ but over time we realized we were just being petty and hating each other wasn’t worth it when we were such good friends BEFORE we started dating. However, we know where the lines are and we won’t step past them,..most of the time. That being said, receiving a text at/around 10pm is a booty call and anything past 1am is just bad. No-go zone, for sure.

  2. That is really lucky! Or maybe you have a better attitude about ex-boyfriends then I do haha! And yes I totally agree, that hasn’t currently happened to me but it has in the past. Best thing I ever did was delete those texts and act like they never happened. Right now it seems like so many of my ex-boyfriends have gotten in contact with me and either 1. or 2. have happened (except for 1, we actually don’t hate each other at all.) Just needed a good vent 🙂 hope you’re still doing well!!

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