One Year Ago….

Once upon a time a year ago my life was different then how it is now, a year younger, a little bit carefree, the world at my feet and a life that I loved more than anything else.  Now let me tell you first, there is nothing that I regret…Nothing at all.  I’ve made some silly choices and gone done roads that I shouldn’t have but after all that, not one regret.  I believe that we grow and become stronger throughout the decisions we make and regret is something that should be left behind (and knowing my history, I’m the perfect example.)

A year from now I had no expectations, my brain was an open book, the only thing I worried about was the next place in the world I would be visiting.

A year ago from now I was in Rome, the world’s history at my finger tips, I felt invincible, and unstoppable side by side with my best friend drunkenly stumbling around the city meeting people that changed our lives.

I look at those moments, the year ago moments, and it’s insane how much can happen. How all of these feelings, experiences, and little instances can drastically change who you are and where you want to be going.  A year ago today, the memories can hurt, they can make you laugh, they can inspire you, but no matter what the memories are, every single one of us needs to embrace them.  They are stepping stones that construct the people we are today and help develop us into the people we want to become.

What were you doing a year ago?

This is what I was doing:

(photo cred to Christina)










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