Happy Halloween from Good Ol’ MSP.


A reason for college students to get drunk on a Thursday.

My Halloween was weird.  I mean, normal things happened, like I went on a run and I had lunch and whatever else my typical day consists of.  However, when I was sitting in my normal finance class something spooky happened.  We were almost an hour in when all of a sudden a guy with a scream mask and costume walked into the room.  He just stared at the entire class, completely still.  Everyone laughed at first as he spent his time walking over to my professor and standing in front of him.

I was trying to figure out if my professor knew this was going to happen or if he was just as surprised, but by the look on his face and his body language it looked like he was stunned too.  Then the scream guy just stayed on the other side of the room and stared, until I got this feeling.  oh shit.  He is going to come by me, I just know it.  Whenever I got to haunted houses, whenever I go to haunted mazes, anything, those weirdos find me!  And sure enough, he slowly walked up to me and touched my head and then picked up my calculator.  He stood over me and just stared.  I yelled “why do they always find me?!”  And then looked up and saw the eyes behind the mask, and it was so fricken creepy!  They just stared at me and I hated every second of it.  This is the kind of crap that goes on during criminal minds and what not.  Eventually he left, picked up a guys water bottle, set it down, and headed for the door.  Right as he had his hand on the door he turned around and gave a thumbs up…It was so weird!!

I took a few pictures of him leaving, but they aren’t very good



I went out for Halloween and was a biker chick, just an easy DIY costume.  It was fun but the bar was so packed that you could barely walk, so I ended up going home a little early since I had to get up at 5:30 am for work.


Can’t believe that it’s already November…..




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