Controversial Marathon Bomber Article

After reading this article here are my thoughts…(if anyone even cares).

Obviously it’s not even a “too soon” thing, you should never make a mockery out of terrorist attacks. You don’t see people dressing up like 9/11 victims, or school shooting victims–why? Because it’s shameless and completely heartless. But the people that have reacted to it are completely shameless and heartless… threatening her parents, telling her to kill herself, destroying her house, stalking her, threatening to KILL her…. people make mistakes and do really stupid shit, but that’s not an excuse for anyone else to react in such a barbaric way. YOU are the only person in control of your own actions, not other people’s. It was a stupid and senseless mistake, she said sorry and has lost her job, and has been violated in so many ways. Our society is disgusting, but not just because someone chooses to dehumanize a tragic event, but because people dehumanize other humans as well.


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