You would not believe how badly I wanted so many unhealthy things today… Guess how many I gave into….NADDA!! I wanted pizza, fries, nachos, mashed potatoes, you name it and I wanted it! It was just one of those days….but I stayed strong!

The best part of my day other than not giving into my temptations was going to the student center and playing Mario with Walt, Tracy and X. Tracy had been trying to get me to do it for weeks and I always shut her down. But after Business Law, I decided to give it a shot and let me tell ya, there’s nothing wrong with playing a few video games as 21 year olds. I literally have not laughed that hard in SO long and we all got so into it. We had to be the most annoying and loud people in the game room. Either way, I had the time of my life.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a girls night with friends that went Abroad with me and they want to order pizza for dinner… I’m debating what I want to do about that. I think I might just eat before I go, and plug my nose when that cheesey goodness arrives.

I hope everyone else involved in the challenge is doing well! Tomorrow I’m working out, so motivation is wanted and needed! Only 6 more days until our check in day 🙂


One thought on “Temptation

  1. I gave into a mcdonalds craving on Wednesday, my body wasn’t too happy about it! It literally made me sick while working out.

    Way to be not giving in! That takes some strength

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