Life was a little busy the past few days filled with job fairs, advisor meetings, school, work, and whatever else, but on this Saturday all is well emmanuel.

I’m still eating healthy and working hard for my fitness challenge, but I will not lie to you my dear followers, yesterday was my cheat day.  And that cheat day was filled with pizza and breadsticks and the gossip girl finale.  When I started doing this challenge I made sure that I would allow myself one cheat per week, otherwise I felt like if I didn’t allow myself that, I would end up giving up or binge eating.  And there is nothing I regret about that pepperoni, cheesy goodness except maybe I shouldn’t have gobbled it up so fast! hee hee!

You would be more than surprised at how many people have messaged me on facebook or stopped me at school asking about this challenge.  It’s always the same response, I explain the challenge and that yes, I have another life with my blog community and no, no I do not have a life.  Joking.  It’s given me inspiration to possibly start a challenge with friends and family after the holidays.  I mentioned it to the people that have talked to me and most seemed interested, so I’ll keep deciding and keep you updated on that (and if you are interested please let me know!).

Even though I have been taking it easy this Saturday (for now), I have been a completely domestic woman by putting up the Christmas decorations (who gives a hoot if it’s the middle of November!!)  And also by making a crust-less egg bake filled with spinach, tomato, onion and feta cheese.  Yes, a spontaneous cook and decorator–will someone wife me up already or what?







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