Long time no see.

So I’m back blogging friends.  I know I kind of went MIA, but hey, cut a girl some slack.  It was college time and then I went home for Thanksgiving and was go go go going constantly!

My highlights:

-I made it to my goal weight on the date I wanted, but now it’s a little higher from all of the holiday splurging, dangit.

-I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family.  The meal was amazing, the conversations were fun, it’s like the whole day warmed my soul (can’t get any mushier than that)!

-I read a book called Girlchild by Tupelo Hassman.  First book I’ve read since summer (for leisure that is).  It was okay, not a favorite but was still pretty thought provoking.

-I went cyber shopping for people’s Christmas gifts and got great deals (and maybe a few things for myself) 😉

-I celebrated my mom’s birthday and saw the movie Dallas Buyers Club.  I would definitely recommend it.  It was pretty risque but has an amazing message and incredible character growth.  I had no idea in the beginning how I was going to take Matthew McConaughey seriously but he blew me away!  (I hope it makes it to the Oscars).

-The packers lost….really bad…

-I got to reconnect with high school friends at a local mexican restaurant and the waiter bought us a round for no reason!  We planned out a secret santa which I’m very excited for as well.

-I got to celebrate one of my good friends obtaining a full time position as a fire fighter!

-I confirmed my all-inclusive spring break trip to Mexico with Christina!

So you can see that a lot has been going on, but I promise I’m going to be better!!  I’ll go back to posting my pictures and nerdy articles.  Missed my wordpress community.





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