The Lost is Found

I’m not going to go into the fact that I haven’t been on here in a while but I swear I did not forget about my wordpress family.  I’ve been really missing blogging but my last semester of senior year has been insane….beyond insane….but I have wanted to get back into my blogging for a while now so why not take advantage of my least favorite class and get back into it? (sorry mom)

And guess what, 37 days left until I graduate.  When someone said yesterday, “Hey guess what, we have 38 days left!”  I responded saying, “Oh, so 38 school days left,” with a laugh.  Only to be corrected in saying 38 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE ACTUAL COMMENCEMENT.  Where have the past 4 years gone?!  Now I’m not going to get all mushy (yet) by writing my feelings out about leaving the Twin Cities but there will absolutely be a tearful, cheesy, post when the end is finally here.


I need to work on some major stuff tonight but I’ll be back soon enough and getting back to my grind 😉



3 thoughts on “The Lost is Found

  1. It’s good to see you’re hanging in there. The end is near. It’s an awesome feeling to be so close to graduation! It’s the time to bask in your accomplishment over the past four years.

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