Easter and Farts.

I’ll start with what my dad repeated about 3 times on the way to church and I failed to respond to because it was 7:45am.

“Christ has risen!”  Only my mom responds…”He is risen indeed, Hallelujah!” Yeah. 3 times, every time hoping I’d jump out of maxi dress and scream it loud and proud but no cigar.

But despite it being so early, I love my church on Easter.  They literally have dozens and dozens and of flowers on the alter and just walking into the church smells (and looks) like a beautiful spring garden.  I also love my little cousins, especially 4 year old Livia and in church where there is no logic in whispering or talking quietly.  She was going back and forth between my mom and me until my mom had to go help with communion so it was just Livia and me.  To keep her occupied she was sitting on my lap and was letting her play with my hair tie.  I would put my hands together like a shark and let her tie the hair band around the “mouth”.  It was all going fine until she shoved the headband in between my thumbs and the shark would “burp” the hair tie out.  (It’s very hard to describe without showing with my hands but hopefully you’re getting the picture.)  Unfortunately I made a mistake, without thinking, and made a small raspberry noise as I pushed the hair tie back out of my hands.  Livia viciously turned around and yelled “HEY YOU FARTED THAT THING RIGHT OUT”.  I swear to God the people next to me had to get their necks checked out for damage and whiplash the way they turned so fast to look at us.  Trying my best not to burst out laughing (and turning bright red) I shushed Liv and whispered that we should 1. not yell in church and 2. if we are going to yell and break rule 1 we probably shouldn’t yell fart in church.  However, she was too busy looking at the people next to us and yelled again “WHAT?” as they continued to stare.  I was literally doing everything in my power to make sure that I would not laugh and encourage the behavior, so I literally took her cheeks and moved her head so she was looking at me and told her to be polite.

So that was utterly hilarious and probably one of my favorite parts of Easter other than being with my family and my aunt Lou for the rest of the day.


Holy cow though, there is no question now that Livia and I are related.

Here are some pics from Easter break!

Went downtown to Brother’s and Trinity:


Finally tried the waffle taco, for the first and last time since my arteries were crying.


My Beautiful Church, St. Matthews



At Aunt Lou’s!







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