Food Diary.

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged in 5 days!  What is wrong with me?!

Well, got on the scale today and was really happy!  I worked really hard this week to eat healthy and not give into my cravings and looks like it paid off!  I think that I’m going to make my goal in a few days–I’m not gonna speak too soon but I’m really determined to get there.

I know this is totally going to sound like a marketing scheme but I promise that I am getting no commission or anything of the sort….  But I am seriously obsessed with this new food diary/motivator I got from Urban Outfitters.  It was only 10 dollars!  It’s official title is “Diet Doodle Diary” but it’s nice because it’s not printed all over on the outside so when you have it in public, not everyone can tell what it is.  The first pages of the diary have a woman’s body and has places to put your beginning measurements.  On the next place it has a place to put your resting heart rate and starting weight which you record weekly.  Throughout the whole thing it gives encouragement and ideas, I would honestly recommend it because so far I’ve used it every day, recording what I eat and what I did for exercise.

I hope you all are doing dandy on this Friday and have a fun and safe weekend.  I’ll be writing within the next day!  Here’s some pics of the diary!




To Weigh or Not to Weigh

If I was given the option I would say not to weigh.

Sort of.  I haven’t been written about my weight in a while but the weight loss is still a continuous struggle.  I’ve been losing and trying to eat healthy, but I feel like at times I just want to binge and then eat healthy for a week and then binge to celebrate.  I know how to control it, and how to make healthy celebrations but mentally I don’t want to do it that way.  It’s frustrating!  I’m still losing, but just not as fast as I would like, so what I did was make a short term goal list.  For instance, by Midterm I want to weigh this much, and so far that has been much more inspirational than looking at the main goal that seems so far away.

I’m really tying to get on track in every aspect of my life. Hooray!


Weightloss Challenge FAIL

My dad was out of town on a harley ride + my mom and I had a girl’s weekend= No one made their weight….

Well the only thing I can say is at least we’re all in it together. I need some inspiration for healthy eating because I’m really off track! Help!!