First 10 Days

Okay, so today was the first 10 days of the challenge–1/3 of the way through!

When I stepped on the scale today, I honestly couldn’t believe it!  I had been working so hard and tracking literally EVERYTHING and finally today was the day I saw major results!!  I was so happy.  I happened to look at other people’s blogs today to see how they were feeling about the 30 day challenge and it was interesting to see how people felt the first 10 days went.  Some were discouraged, most very encouraged, while others felt like the 10 days whizzed by and others thought it was never going  to come.  I was more encouraged than anything and thought the 10 days passed on by!!

The thing that I need to be careful of is not to “celebrate”.  Sometimes when I reach a goal, I feel like it’s time to celebrate my accomplishments, which usually ends up being detrimental.  So I’m really going to watch that.  However, I can’t lie to my followers and fellow challengers, I did go out and get a couple of spontaneous happy hour margarita’s in Minneapolis with the ladies.  I ate healthy the whole day, but took a break from working out–but it’s back on the grind tomorrow.

The email I received today asked the challengers a few questions..”How’s it going for you so far? What’re you struggling with? What’re you breezing through? What are you planning for the remaining 20 days?”

It’s going great so far!  Like I said, I need to be cautionary about the whole celebratory thing, but other than that I have given 110% to eating healthy, making good choices, and working out when I can.

I’m struggling with the fact that when I’m hungry, like really really hungry, spaghetti and burgers dance in my head.  It seems like my impulse still is to reach for unhealthy foods and fast food.  I’ve read the healthier you eat the more you crave healthy things so that can kick in AT ANY MINUTE PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

It’s a breeze keeping myself accountable.  I have been logging every little ounce of everything that it’s hard to let myself slip up…and if I do, I log it.  This has been very beneficial because it shows that every little thing makes a difference.  I think I had the mentality of “oh just the extra handful of cheese won’t matter!” and it really does….all the little things add up in the end, unfortunately.

I’m planning on keep doing what I’m doing.  I’m going to try to include more working out in my schedule and hopefully that will be another motivator.

I also want to give a special thanks to my friends, they know that I’m doing this and have been helping me throughout these 10 days and my whole journey.  I’ve been sending Tracy endless pictures of my meals and pleas to have that one piece of cake and she’s whipped me into shape!  Because at the end of the day…’s only food.  It will be there the next day and the day after that.

So that’s a wrap folks! (pun intended)  And I’ll continue keeping you updated!


Fall into Fitness

So, one of the blogs I followed mentioned a “fall into fitness” challenge. It’s a 30-day challenge people on WordPress are participating in, so they can stay motivated to eat healthy and work out! We check in every 10 days with Katy telling her now many points we’ve earned….
Here’s how it works:
You get 1 point for every hour you work out.
1 point for every pound you lose.
1 point for every post you write about the challenge.

At the end of the 30 days whoever has the most points gets a prize of some sort!

So far I’m doing pretty good, I’ve gotten some exercise in, already shed some pounds and here’s my first post.. If you know anything about me, you’ll know that being competitive to my extreme is a curse and a blessing heehee! So watch out fellow challengers! I’m coming for ya! I’ll keep you posted with my progress. I’m hoping this will help me reach my November weightloss goal!