Hungry Hungry Hippos

Is my theme song for the day.  For some reason I just wanted to eat and eat and eat today.  But to be fair, I was under my caloric value.  I didn’t give into pasta or pizza (two things I happened to want really badly), but I did give into 3 pieces of dark chocolate.  Whoopsies.

I ran a mile and did 30 minutes of elliptical (one level higher than usual), gotta earn my points for the 30 day fall fitness challenge!!  Although, I’m trying to change my lifestyle, and get to my goal weight-not just do a 30 day challenge.  I must admit however, it’s getting me on the right track and I’m literally writing down everything I eat on my fitness pal and in my food diary.

In other news, it’s criminal mind monday so now I’m scared to go to bed without pepper spray under my pillow.