Quote Lover



So today in class there were a few presentations that used quotes and I thought I would share with all of you since you guys already know I’m such a quote fanatic with all of my picture and tumblr posts….

“Courage does not always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow’.”

“An amazing thing happens when you get honest with yourself and start doing what you love, what makes you happy.

Your life literally slows down. You stop wishing for the weekend. You stop merely looking forward to special events.

You begin to live in each moment and you start feeling like a human being.

You just ride the wave that is life, with this feeling of contentment and joy. You move fluidly, steadily, calm and grateful.

A veil is lifted, and a whole new perspective is born.” —I specifically loved this one, because I think I have grown this semester more than I have during any other and the way it’s described just completely resonates with my transformation.

“She was fierce.  She was strong.  She wasn’t simple.  She was crazy and sometimes she barely slept.  She always had something to say.  She had flaws and that was okay, and when she was down she got right back up.  She was a beast in her own way, but one idea described her best: she was unstoppable.  And she took anything she wanted with a smile.”

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”


Ugly Society that Defines Beauty

“Girls are raised in a society where flattering clothing means clothing that makes you look skinnier. Where fat is an insult more often than a noun and not just a physical description but a reflection of personality. Where “you look healthy” is what you say when a girl gains weight, but “you look good” is what you say when a girl loses weight. Girls are raised in a society that teaches them it is their own responsibility to be as small as possible because they do not deserve to take up space.”

Easter and Farts.

I’ll start with what my dad repeated about 3 times on the way to church and I failed to respond to because it was 7:45am.

“Christ has risen!”  Only my mom responds…”He is risen indeed, Hallelujah!” Yeah. 3 times, every time hoping I’d jump out of maxi dress and scream it loud and proud but no cigar.

But despite it being so early, I love my church on Easter.  They literally have dozens and dozens and of flowers on the alter and just walking into the church smells (and looks) like a beautiful spring garden.  I also love my little cousins, especially 4 year old Livia and in church where there is no logic in whispering or talking quietly.  She was going back and forth between my mom and me until my mom had to go help with communion so it was just Livia and me.  To keep her occupied she was sitting on my lap and was letting her play with my hair tie.  I would put my hands together like a shark and let her tie the hair band around the “mouth”.  It was all going fine until she shoved the headband in between my thumbs and the shark would “burp” the hair tie out.  (It’s very hard to describe without showing with my hands but hopefully you’re getting the picture.)  Unfortunately I made a mistake, without thinking, and made a small raspberry noise as I pushed the hair tie back out of my hands.  Livia viciously turned around and yelled “HEY YOU FARTED THAT THING RIGHT OUT”.  I swear to God the people next to me had to get their necks checked out for damage and whiplash the way they turned so fast to look at us.  Trying my best not to burst out laughing (and turning bright red) I shushed Liv and whispered that we should 1. not yell in church and 2. if we are going to yell and break rule 1 we probably shouldn’t yell fart in church.  However, she was too busy looking at the people next to us and yelled again “WHAT?” as they continued to stare.  I was literally doing everything in my power to make sure that I would not laugh and encourage the behavior, so I literally took her cheeks and moved her head so she was looking at me and told her to be polite.

So that was utterly hilarious and probably one of my favorite parts of Easter other than being with my family and my aunt Lou for the rest of the day.


Holy cow though, there is no question now that Livia and I are related.

Here are some pics from Easter break!

Went downtown to Brother’s and Trinity:


Finally tried the waffle taco, for the first and last time since my arteries were crying.


My Beautiful Church, St. Matthews



At Aunt Lou’s!






The Lost is Found

I’m not going to go into the fact that I haven’t been on here in a while but I swear I did not forget about my wordpress family.  I’ve been really missing blogging but my last semester of senior year has been insane….beyond insane….but I have wanted to get back into my blogging for a while now so why not take advantage of my least favorite class and get back into it? (sorry mom)

And guess what, 37 days left until I graduate.  When someone said yesterday, “Hey guess what, we have 38 days left!”  I responded saying, “Oh, so 38 school days left,” with a laugh.  Only to be corrected in saying 38 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE ACTUAL COMMENCEMENT.  Where have the past 4 years gone?!  Now I’m not going to get all mushy (yet) by writing my feelings out about leaving the Twin Cities but there will absolutely be a tearful, cheesy, post when the end is finally here.


I need to work on some major stuff tonight but I’ll be back soon enough and getting back to my grind 😉


Happy Halloween from Good Ol’ MSP.


A reason for college students to get drunk on a Thursday.

My Halloween was weird.  I mean, normal things happened, like I went on a run and I had lunch and whatever else my typical day consists of.  However, when I was sitting in my normal finance class something spooky happened.  We were almost an hour in when all of a sudden a guy with a scream mask and costume walked into the room.  He just stared at the entire class, completely still.  Everyone laughed at first as he spent his time walking over to my professor and standing in front of him.

I was trying to figure out if my professor knew this was going to happen or if he was just as surprised, but by the look on his face and his body language it looked like he was stunned too.  Then the scream guy just stayed on the other side of the room and stared, until I got this feeling.  oh shit.  He is going to come by me, I just know it.  Whenever I got to haunted houses, whenever I go to haunted mazes, anything, those weirdos find me!  And sure enough, he slowly walked up to me and touched my head and then picked up my calculator.  He stood over me and just stared.  I yelled “why do they always find me?!”  And then looked up and saw the eyes behind the mask, and it was so fricken creepy!  They just stared at me and I hated every second of it.  This is the kind of crap that goes on during criminal minds and what not.  Eventually he left, picked up a guys water bottle, set it down, and headed for the door.  Right as he had his hand on the door he turned around and gave a thumbs up…It was so weird!!

I took a few pictures of him leaving, but they aren’t very good



I went out for Halloween and was a biker chick, just an easy DIY costume.  It was fun but the bar was so packed that you could barely walk, so I ended up going home a little early since I had to get up at 5:30 am for work.


Can’t believe that it’s already November…..